A crazy little thing called life.

Today, I have a dual purpose in writing this blog.

First, I want to give some indication as to how crazy life has been for me over here, and when I say crazy I mean non-stop, in the most exciting and spectacular way possible.

The second purpose, however, is to provide me an outlet to vent my frustrations, relating to my living situation. Now of course it is only to be expected that some outlet would have been needed at some point. You can never expect 5 people to live together for 5 months without some issues arising at some point.

Anyway, I will begin with an overview of my activities in the last 2 weeks in order to show just how busy life is these days!

Saturday– I went to a lovely dinner party with friends. It was a fun night. I got home around 2 or 3am

Sunday– After I woke up I decided to go with a friend on a trip to the Vatican. It was amazing. After we were done there, we went for a stroll to a trendy part of town for dinner. Realising that Halloween was the next day, we decided we wanted pretty masks to wear for night, so went to an area near the Trevi fountain to buy these masks. I got home some time around 11:30pm

Monday– *this is where things get crazy* Today, I woke up at a reasonable time and spent most of the day studying. Then I went home and got ready for the Halloween party I was going to with friends. We had a fantastic time dancing and seeing all the costumes around. It was some time between 4 or 5am when I got home.

Beautiful Berlin

Tuesday– After only having time tonap. Maybe 2 or 3 hours at most, I got up in order to meet friends at Termini, the main train station in Rome, so that we could all take advantage of a public holiday and go visit Pisa. It was after midnight before I got home.

Wednesday– Waking up, I had class just after midday and all afternoon. Walking 20 minutes from one campus to the other and back again, it was pretty exhausting. When I got home friends arrived for some dinner and drinks before going to an Erasmus (exchange student) party for the night. It was around 3am when I was finally home and in bed.

Thursday– Starting class at 9:30am I was of course tired. After lessons for the day I went home and tried to decide if my need to sleep or need to study for an exam the following day was more important. The landlord also came to talk to me during the evening. Of course I ended up staying away far too long, until around 1am, studying for my exam.

Friday– The exam began at 10:30am. After this I went home to pack and organise for my weekend away. Then I had to go back to another class before going directly to a birthday party. From there I went to a class celebration, as the exam had been a final for one of my classes. Again I got home at around 3am

Part of the Berlin wall

Saturday and Sunday– I got up early Saturday morning to go to the airport and fly to Berlin. After I arrived and found my hostel, I had about 1 hour to get ready before leaving for a concert. I went to see The Kooks (it was brilliant). After this I had a fairly decent sleep before getting up in order to check out and spend Sunday exploring the city. I flew home that afternoon and got back to my house at about midnight.

Monday– Here I had a much needed sleep-in before having another exam in the morning. From there I went to another class and then directly to dinner with friends. In Rome it is not so strange that I arrived home at 3am this night.

Check point Charlie

Tuesday– Again taking the opportunity to sleep in, I went to meet a friend just after waking up and spent the afternoon wondering Rome in the rain. I went home for 1.5 hours to get changed and try take care of some things on my to-do list before meeting another friend for dinner. It was 2am before I got home this time.

Wednesday– Again having class just after midday, I went to this and came home soon after. I swept the floor and took the chance to put on washing before sitting down to study. Here the landlord came to see me again, ruining my focus. I went out to dinner and come home later in the evening to study.

Thursday– Again I had a reasonable time to sleep before going to uni for some more study and taking my exam. This now means I have finished 2 of my courses. After the exam I had another class, then come home to have dinner, do all the things I have not had time for in the last week, and pack for my trip tomorrow morning.

Friday and weekend– Finally, tomorrow I will get up bright and early in order to go to the airport on my way to a weekend in Milan! This is something I am really looking forward to and it should be a good time. I will let you know the result of the trip!

Now you can not tell me that is not a crazy schedule. Self inflicted as it may be, taking every opportunity in a situation like this is mandatory! I just wonder how long I can keep it up. My guess is that some rest and relaxation is needed soon.


Now, if you still want to keep reading, I feel the need to let you know just how crazy the people that I live with are…

Feel free to leave a comment if you disagree, but I think that the otherwise lovely people that I live with are a little bit insane for one reason, and one reason alone: cleaning.

I understand that we are living in an old house and that 5 people are a lot of people to be sharing 1 bathroom and 1 kitchen. However, my house-mates took it upon themselves to dictate that each person should clean BOTH rooms once each week.

I do not mean wiping down benches and sweeping the floor here. They expect me to find time every week to scrub the stove, clean the toilet, shower and sink in the bathroom as well as mop the floor and wipe down all surfaces. Seriously clean the place.

I understand that these things need to be done, but not 5 times a week!

As you can see, I am almost never home. When I am home, I am either desperately trying to catch up on sleep, studying madly, or in some crazy rush to make it to some other appointment on time.

Sure, I would have no problem if cleaning was done 2 or 3 times a week, then I would only need to find the time once a fortnight. But as things are, I am expected to disinfect the already gleaming bathroom? What do they want to do, eat off the toilet bowel? As far as I am concerned, if you want a house to be that clean, you should not be living in shared accommodation.

What makes this all worse, is that the others have gone to the landlord about me! Who does that?

They told him that I leave things in the bathroom (which I have done, accidently, about 3 or 4 times in 2 months, oh no!) and that I leave water all over the bathroom floor- which was unavoidable after they got rid of the shower curtain, and I made a conscious effort to avoid by buying a new towel to mop up said water.

Anyway, so after the first visit from the landlord I said sorry, I will clean better and all that jazz. Then I left the country and spent almost no time at home in the next few days.

When I finally had a spare second I decided to sweep the floor, as it actually needed to be done. However, as it was another person’s scheduled day to clean the bathroom I thought I had best not interfere… Only to be angrily interrupted when I sat down to study for an exam I had the next day.

They were mad at me for sweeping the floor, saying that this wasn’t cleaning, well obviously! And before I even had a chance to say sorry for not being home the previous day in order to do it, and that I would clean the bathroom tomorrow after my exam, the landlord was again called!

Now honestly, if I made mess all through the house and everyone else had to deal with it, this would be acceptable. Or if I had been home all week doing nothing and still not helped out around the house. But it was less than a week since the last time they called the landlord, and I had been out of the country for 2 days!

Anyway, the outcome of this discussion was that if I ‘could not clean’ and he had to be called one more time, I would have to PAY for somebody to clean for me.

Sorry, I realise that I have gone on a bit of a rant. But honestly, when at least 2 of 5 people in a house spend 2.5 hours a week cleaning, they can not expect others to comply with their crazy high expectations. Also, these people did not even give me a chance to pick-up my game after ‘the first warning’. Totally unfair.

Now I am not sure what to do. I am happy to clean, but the level and frequency that they expect is just not sustainable. There are more important things in life and dictating like this is just not right. I have attempted to compromise to no avail.

I also refuse to pay somebody for my part of the cleaning, purely because the house is already too clean for this to be needed. It would be a total waste of money!


Okay, that is all I will say about the crazy clean freaks for now. I know that most of this is incoherent but I appreciate having this outlet to vent my frustrations.


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