Only the beginning…

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Graczyk and i am a European History Student  from La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia.  And this is my first ever blog…. so il keep it short and sweet.

The very fact that i am here in Krakow; Poland, is a complete and utter surprise. When i found out about this opportunity  to study overseas on the Boarder Crossings program, it was on a whim that i handed in my application. The fact that i got accepted was probably the biggest surprise i had ever received. I’d always wanted to go on an exchange and here it was just being handed to me.

My arrival in Krakow however, is a little less more exciting than it would normally be for any exchange student, for i have traveled to Poland several times; and as my background is Polish, i guess the excitement isn’t all that new. But, i am determined to take a different approach. So im taking this experience one day at a time; as studying here and being by myself  IS new.

So meeting new people, exploring Krakow, going to the occasional party and getting out of my comfort zone is definitely on the to do list.

I cant wait to see what happens at the end of months 5 months!










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