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Hello world…

I really should be going to bed now, but I thought this was as good a time as any to continue discussing my adventure so far. I guess I should pick up where I left off.

After the 20-something hour flight from the Gold Coast, Australia to Europe, I finally landed in London to be met by a friend at the airport and begin our London-Paris adventure together.

It’s strange, the only reason I flew to London first was because I had wanted to see a concert in Paris. I actually bought the

tickets before my flights, before any subject choices were made, and before I really knew I would even end up here (priorities, right?). After buying the tickets I decided to tell a friend across the way in London that I would be ‘in the neighbourhood’ in case they wanted to see the band too. Turns out, his 21st birthday was a couple of days before the concert. Since I would be free to leave Australia after finishing work on a Friday afternoon, and this birthday was the following Wednesday I decided to give the ‘let’s do it all’ approach a go. It worked.

I ended up with a direct flight to London. I could then get a train to Paris for my concert (and to do a

little sight seeing, of course) before finding my way to Rome in time for a mandatory ‘orientation’ appointment. Perfect!

… But I digress.

I arrived at London airport and made my way to my accommodation for one of the best sleeps in my life. Only to wake at some ridiculous, crazy hour of the morning like 8am. Wide awake and ready to go. I do not do that.

However, when I remembered I was in London and all the things there were to do, I thought I would let it slide.

My first day there I do not remember what I saw- actually, I saw everything. To begin I was amazed by everything. The houses and the streets blew my mind. They are so different to what I am used to. So English. At least where I was staying…

The first priority while in London was to see The Globe Theatre. I got the tube to London Bridge, and got to go on a tour of the theatre. The bought tickets to see a play there on my final night in London. And visited the Gift shop *Shakespeare geek*

After that I strolled along the river to look at all the beautiful sights. My friend and I were going to go on the London Eye but decided the line was too long and time was short (best decision, as I will explain later).

After this we got a bus to visit The Palace, going past The Abby, Big Ben and all the cool things on our way, of course.

The Queen was there to greet me. Well, not actually visible or anything, but the flag was flying… or at least on the mast, although there was no actual wind for it to ‘fly’.

I know that I am rambling here, and not really giving any description, but I feel like I got to do and see so much in such a short amount of time. I don’t want to skip over any of these amazing experiences I have had, but I have so much more I have seen and done too I don’t have time to actually explain how amazing all of this was, or the words… At least this may mean I don’t run out of things to say too quickly.

Anyway, by this time it was approaching mid-afternoon. Obviously it was time for lunch and some shopping on Oxford Street. I bought new jeans.

By the time all of this sight-seeing and shopping was done it was time for me to head back to get some rest. I had a 21st birthday to celebrate the next day!

Stories of this, and my final day in London (yeah, it really was a whirlwind trip) will surface some time soon. Thanks for reading!


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