A little about myself!

Hello, Everyone reading this. I just want to tell you a little about myself.

First the basics: My Name is Arian Edmunds; I am from James cook University in Cairns, Australia, and am doing my Borders Crossing exchange in Utrecht, Netherlands. My field of study is creative industries and I am majoring in visual arts.

I have found Utrecht to be an amazing city; it is wonderfully old and has many beautiful settings one of my favourites is the canals. I am surprised at how small and cosy this city feels, even though it is one of the four biggest cities in The Netherlands.

I chose The Netherlands as my county of preference because I have some great Dutch friends that have told me wonderful stories about the country and I wanted to learn more. In addition this being my first time in Europe, I am hoping to travel and explore some other countries. I feel the Dutch country is a great staring point.

I come from a family that travels a lot, before me my parents did extensive travelling around the world. Since I have been around, there was still a lot of moving and travelling but only with in Australia, mostly Queensland and New South Wales. I think the longest I have lived anywhere is five years and even then there were lots of travelling; I am very familiar with roads-trips, one that I remember doing a lot as a child is between Brisbane and Cairns.

Currently I live in Cairns; this is the first place I have chosen to live in entirely on my own preferences. I go to university here but I also love the atmosphere of Cairns, it is very laid back and open. The landscape is beautiful, there are plenty of rainforests and crystal clear creeks, as well and the Great Barrier Reef and the beaches, we also have beautiful bushland and the ranges behind the city, which are called the Tablelands. One thing that also keeps me in Cairns is my wonderful boyfriend, and great friends that I have made while living in Cairns.

Despite how much I like Cairns I also want to explore the world, and when I was offered this chance, I couldn’t say no. So here I am!

I hope you enjoy the commentary 🙂

Arian xx

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  1. Anna Singhateh says:

    Welcome to the world of bloggers Arian!

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