The start of an adventure…

Hi my name is Jessica Leinster  and I am  an anthropology student from Cairns in Far North Queensland.

There is so much to tell. So much has happened to me in a very short space of time.

12 weeks ago I was told, “Jessica you are going to Malmö and you start in September” Whoa!

And 7 weeks later, after many emails and phone calls; arranging flights, and student permits, leave from work, travel insurance and accommodation for when I arrived, a long with at least a dozen other things you need to remember to do when leaving the country, (toothbrush, socks, making sure you put all of your liquids into tiny 100ml containers so you are allowed on the plane) I found myself in Sweden! Just in time for the Malmö Festival a whole week of free music and art and culture, and the last days of summer. What a welcome!

It has been 5 weeks today since I arrived.  It has been a steep learning curve but a good one as well. I have discovered a whole new system of education and gone from living with one person, to living with 25 people from almost as many countries. And I have made many great new friends in the process. And in the last week  Courtney and I began our internship which  promises  to be a really interesting experience.

There has been so much more that has happened since I got here,  but those adventures will have to wait for another day I think.

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4 Responses to The start of an adventure…

  1. Kevin says:

    Hi Jessica, Mary and I are looking forward to reading more. Can you tell us how different it feels from living in Cairns / Oz?

  2. Lisa Furuya says:

    I am finding that here in Japan the university students as well as the exchange students are all very young. Not a mature age student in sight. How about Sweden? Are there many mature age students?

    • Anna Singhateh says:

      Hi Lisa,

      In Sweden the average age of students are probably higher than in Japan. At Malmö University the average age is 25 years, and I’m guessing that number is lower in Japan. My experience is that the students who go on exchange are slightly younger though.


    • Jessica Leinster says:

      While there is definitely a difference in the amount of mature age students in comparison with JCU Cairns where we, as mature age students are definitely the majority, I havent found it to be as dramatic a difference as it sounds like it is there. And among the exchange students while there are a few of us who are older the majority are definitely younger. It’s interesting because age of the other students was not something I really considered much before I came on exchange but now that I am here, I can see that it does sometimes have an impact.

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