first impressions of krakowie


Hi, I am Adam Kerr, the border crosser from Flinders Uni assigned to the exchange in Krakow, Poland.

My first impressions of this city were all positive, from the people helping me buy my bus ticket to the beauty of southern poland; and I was even lucky enough to have sunshine for the first few days too 🙂 (however I have been assured this will not last). I had some difficulty finding my way to the ‘piast’ dorms, as the polish language is difficult to pronounce, but I managed to arrive at a reasonable hour!

I live in this dorm with hundreds of other students, mostly erasmus from around europe, with a particularly large number of spanish and french. there are also polish students too, but so far I have not had alot to do with them (hopefully this changes soon tho!) we live dorms of 4, with 2 rooms each with two beds, and a shared bathroom. they are quite reasonable for the price 🙂

I have been enrolled in a  polish language course, which is both difficult and exhausting, but most importantly fun! the language is a strange fusion of latin and slavic based languages, and thus the outcome is a lot of ‘shszs’ and ‘czsczs’, but all us students are in the same boat, so we all survive together! I am really enjoying the challenges and I think my teacher notices that I have been making an effort.

to the social side of things…well the nightlife in krakow is amazing! (and super cheap :)) the clubs go all night and there are countless erasmus and university parties organised on what seems like most nights of the week! the erasmus network here is cool too, they make a huge effort to include everyone in all activities and are incredibly friendly and helpful.

I have met with two of my other border crossing exchangees, Ainslie and Peter, and I hope to catch up with them more over the next few weeks of student mayhem! With a big thankyou to Agnieszka, who has been extra supportive of her new Australians, and has made us feel welcome and has been a huge help with student and admin issues. I am looking forward to my internship at the international office.

I hope this suffices, I will be sure to add some pics as soon as I can!


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