5 September 2016: Project meeting 1 – Start up

  • Host: Malmö University
    • Presentation of the CareSam network
    • Presentation of each partner’s interest , contribution and involvement in the project.
    • Determination of moral obligation/ signed agreement.

19-21 October 2016: Workshop A – Needs of the field

  • Host: Malmö University
    • Content focusing the interplay between Welfare logics, Old age care and Dementia Care
    • Stimulation and experience- sharing, generation of ideas and formulation of needs of the field and contexts through partners and externally invited contributors
    • Determination of the activity plan.

8-10 March 2017 – Workshop B – IoT concepts

  • Host: Klaipèda University
    • Concretizing of needs aimed at understanding the challenges
    • Creation of IoT concepts

26-28 April 2017: Workshop C – Knowledge platform 

  • Host: University of Lower Silesia
    • Establishment of the knowledge platform
    • Identification of the next steps
    • Preparation of applications 

18 May 2017: Workshop D – Funding

  • Host: Roskilde University

30 May 2017: Presentation of iREMEMBER – an IoT concept within AppSam. The aim is to create an easy to use, plug-and-play prototype to vision the benefits to integrate technique and IoT-solutions in the daily care of persons who are diagnosed with dementia. It should support and encourage users and staff that works with care users who are diagnosed with dementia. A prototype within the AppSam is developed.

12-19 June 2017: Core writing-groups within the project group are established – articles in progress.

5-6 October 2017: Project meeting 2 – Publications, final report, funding, next steps

  • Host: Malmo University 
    • Initiation of a funding process incl. draft and areas of responsibility as well as a tentative list of potential new partners.
  • Additional monthly Skype-meetings in Dec 2016, Feb, March, April, May, June, Aug and Sept 2017

From December 2017 and onward – The CareSam-group meet regularly and normally once a month (by Skype and campus at the Malmö University). In the spring time 2018 submission of research and network applications (AgeSam), scientific publications, development of iREMEMBER and participation in seminars is a part of this.