AppSam® – a project in the CareSam R&D network


AppSam® is funded by the Swedish Institute and the Swedish Institute Baltic Sea Cooperation programme. Appsam is registered and classified in Welfare Technology, protected by the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV). Usage of AppSam without permission is not allowed. 

AppSam is a part of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing

and the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region Policy Area (EUSBSR)

AppSam´s intention is to promote innovation, learning and development of skills in the field of elderly care through the exchange of knowledge between countries with different welfare logics. AppSam focuses on dementia care and applied digital technology. The project departs from the Swedish-Danish CareSam project (2011-13) which defined a number of areas, showing significant needs to achieve sustainable development: a) technological innovation in the field of elderly care, b) qualifying the future education and learning aiming at work in elderly care sector, and c) development of skills in practice with a special focus on dementia. These three areas are supposed to be explored in collaboration with new partners.

The overall aim of the AppSam project is to extend the established CareSam Network through development of a common understanding of what needs there are within dementia care in countries with different welfare logics and to create collaborative added value. Through workshops a common understanding of how to create participation, meaningfulness and well-being is developed. The workshops will lead to a set of concepts of IoT (Internet of Things, see that mirrors what can be done together in the different regions. The concepts will act as mediation between partners as well as input to the future project. Through these workshops we want to stimulate a process of knowledge and understanding of technological innovation, education and dementia care. The purpose of the different workshops is to: A) stimulate experience- sharing, generate ideas and formulate needs, B) give practical form to needs aimed at understanding the challenges and C) establish the knowledge platform and identify the next steps. The workshops will also elaborate what competences there are in the network and what additional resources are needed in AppSam.