CareSam is a part of the Northern Dimension Partnership in Public Health and Social Well-being (NDPHS) expert group and the Policy Area (PA) Education for the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). It covers three policy areas: education, research, and employability.

“For me in my Profession, it is very valuable to be part of the Caresam network. Reflections and cross-border shared knowledge in the practice, education and research is something I find very useful in my work. To be able to translate the results into practice from the Caresam-network is valuable in several ways”

Annika Forsgren, Head of Elderly care, Municipality of Simrishamn

CareSam – core values:

  • partnership and trust
  • professionalism and creativeness
  • transparency and diversity
  • inclusion and participation
  • flexibility, respect and integrity

The Caresam network was established in 2010 (also the name of the sub-project 1, see down below) is coordinated and led by the department of Social Work at Malmö University. By providing a knowledge platform and network cooperation, Caresam wants to stimulate the development of knowledge about elder issues both regionally and globally. Through training, advisory and research, Caresam can support both, public, private, and non-profit organizatios in skills regarding the elderly. Within the network, researchers and practitioners work closely together. At present, universities in Denmark, Poland, Lithuania collaborate with Malmo University (Mau) together with stakeholders and associates from the field of practice.

During 2011-2013 sub-project 1 (Caresam) the network was funded by the European Union Interreg and main actors consisted of Roskilde University, Skåne Association of Municipalities, Metropol University College and Malmö University. The target groups CareSame addressed consisted mainly of employees elderly care programs, policy makers, stake holder organizations as well as user organizations. The network’s sub-project 1 included four seminars focusing on the future of elderly care and exhange of knowledge. This series of seminars aimed to capture current issues, which made an output for Caresam as it defined three areas or themes: a) innovation in elderly care b) the future of older age education and learning c) Competence in practice with an emphasis on dementia. During 2014 – 2015, project 1 aims to highlight old-age issues which insipires, initiiates, and introduces of the program CareSam. The film has been produced in different nursing home environments on the Danish and Swedish side, where employees of the Danish and Swedish municipalities are involved. In addition, an anthology and research articles have been produced in the network. Caresam has gained continued interest among stakeholders and the surrounding community, and continuous information about the project has been channeled through both internal and external information of the respective partners. The project has clearly contributed to closer collaboration and dialogue between employees in the Øresund Region. The meeting between different nationalities, practitioners, researchers and policy makers have been very rewarding rewarding due to different perspectives and experiences. Furthermore, the Caresam project has given general knowledge and support to share performance of health and social care courses for undergraduate as well as employee training in Sweden and Denmark.

The CareSam – AppSam

Caresam contributes to further development around key issues related to the elderly. In the network new research questions are identified and CareSam is now being extended geographically to partners and associates in Lithuania, Poland and Moldova. Recently, the sub-project Appsam has been launched. Through research funding, the Swedish Institute Baltic coopaeration aims to promote innovation, learning, and competence in elderly care through the exhange of knowledge between countries with different welfare logics. AppSam focuses on dementia care and applied digital technology. AppSam represents subproject 2 in the CareSam R & D network. The overall purpose of the AppSam project is to develop a common understanding of the needs of dementia care in countries with different welfare logics and create value through collaboration. Through workshops and a common understanding of how to create particapatory and meaningful well-being. The activities will lead to a set up of concepts that reflect what can be done together in the different regions. The concepts will serve as a mediator between partners and support for future projects. The activities will also develop skills that are to be seen in the network. A Social Innovation collaborative cross-border model has been developed through the AppSam project.

CareSam is registered, protected by the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV). Usage of CareSam without permission is not allowed. 

AppSam – aims                                                

In closing, the overall objectives of AppSam: 1) to further develop the established CareSam network with two new partner countries: Poland, Lithuania and Moldova, 2) the development of IoT concept (Internet of Things) – iREMEMBER in the Elderly care that can help improve the quality of life for older people, families and support for health professionals, 3) to examine how the participation, cooperation and communication can be facilitated by digital technology to meet regional challenges in the elderly with focus on technology, learning and skills in dementia care 4) to prepare an EU-funded application within Horizon 2020 based on the results of the research. We welcome interest to contact us.

CareSam® , AppSam® and iREMEMBER® are registered and protected by the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV). Usage without permission is not allowed.